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  • 28
  • Sep
  • 2022

The Case of the Compensable Cow Attack

We have shark week. Why not cow week? They are more dangerous! They kill more people. On average cows kill 22 people each year worldwide whereas sharks are responsible for closer to 5 deaths annually. Now, we even have a cow attack as the subject of a workers’ compensation claim. The Idaho Supreme Court recently ruled that a livestock transportation broker was the responsible employer for an employee that was injured while trying to load a cow onto a delivery truck. Apparently, ole Bessie became agitated when the loading process took too long and charged the nearest human. The employee sustained several broken bones and a bruised lung. There was no question that the claim was compensable. The only issue was whether the transportation company was an employer as defined by Idaho’s statute. See Eldridge v. Agar Livestock LLC (Docket No. 49570) for more information.

About the Author

This blog submission was prepared by Mike Fish, an attorney with Fish Nelson & Holden, LLC, a law firm dedicated to representing self-insured employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators in all matters related to workers’ compensation. Fish Nelson & Holden is a member of the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network. If you have any questions about this submission or Alabama workers’ compensation in general, please contact Fish by e-mailing him at or by calling him directly at 205-332-1448.

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